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May 19 2019

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She has multiple examples of performances where she is the anti-thesis of a free and independent woman.

In those works she's a dependant and apathetic pseudo-subject waiting for what the people around her do to her.

Basically allowing the fraction of people only waiting for such a chance to follow their darkest desires. Which then, by their doing, are an example for others that societal rules are out of order.

It's subverting what's good and right about culture and civilisation.

It's interesting work but there's something dark and twisted about it.

Not my kind of art.

May 18 2019

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May 15 2019

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May 10 2019

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May 06 2019

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May 03 2019

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April 27 2019

Making low level management completely unnecessary. If your job is doable by an Excel-Sheet ... I have bad news for you. 

April 26 2019

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March 29 2019

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