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November 23 2009

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Kolor - Fresnel
released @ Dialogos 2000
Reposted fromfin fin
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TBL - Starstruck (Party Version)
Amiga Demo; released @ Assembly 2006
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November 22 2009

AND - Squish
released @ Assembly 2002
"Galiwm" by Ümlaüt Design

4k; released @ Breakpoint 2008
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Elevated by RGBA and TBC
4k; released @ Breakpoint 2009
Reposted byasterascripty
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elitegroup - kasparov
released @ The Party 1999

November 21 2009

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Orange  - The Secret Life of Mr. Black

released @ Assembly 1997
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andromeda software development - metamorphosis

released @ Breakpoint 2008
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